Extreme desyncs with trailers

Trailer sync is extremely bugged.



General Client Info

Steps to reproduce the bug
Drive around with a trailer, attach trailers, detach trailers.
Seems to be happening more often if there are more players around.
Can you reproduce this bug (and how often)
Not really.
Server you found the bug on


Many players are reporting extreme problems with truck trailers.

When attaching trailers stuff seems to bug out.

Starting with smaller stuff like trailer position not properly being synced with other players sometimes.

Some other times the player will glitch into the truck while reversing:

Sometimes trailers will fly across the map as seen in this video:

And every so often when attaching a trailer the truck will glitch and fly across the map (sometimes the trailer will stay attached, sometimes it will detach because of the extreme force applied ^^)

Someone in our community made a twitch clip of this happening, I just can't find the link now. I can ask around if you need it. :saint: