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    Ich würde dir sehr empfehlen die Basics von C# und JS zu lernen bevor du hier anfängst.

    I actually had crashes every damn 5 minutes with your mod, that's where we can see your coding skills. You seem to deploy code that was not tested enough. That's a fact.

    We can see your knowledge there. If you would know any history of the mod then you would know that the code was inerhited from GTA;N in favor of a better community. Go look at the code yourself. It's just a piece of garbage we didn't even write.

    We didn't deploy any of those codes. Our updates are fixing the most important things to keep the game running more smoothly. But as I said you don't have any clue.

    Risk management is the top priority if you want seriously release a software for such a big community.

    Which takes time. Pay us a full time salary and we'll do it. And do you seriously think our community was this big from the start?

    The community grows and there are seriously more important things for a free and free time mod than keeping a serious risk management.

    Then you have a problem with your financial model. This is no excuse.

    Our mod relies on donations. The community grows and so do the costs. You run a mod with a monthly growing community which makes 0 incomes beside the donations. Why should we use our own money to keep a failover? That would double the monthly costs and no one is paying us.

    This means only people who donate for your service can say their opinion? Your public appearance seems to be unprofessional, too.

    No but you are just an ungrateful person who just complains about a service they can use for free.

    And we really don't need more people just complaining about things.

    Go run your own thing then if you think we do everything wrong.

    PS: I don't give a shit about what you think how professional I am. You are just complaining and we heard enough of that. But I'll take that as a compliment as I'm known for that.

    If they use kubernetes and other fancy mechanisms, then it is more useful for scalability than a normal server. But if I look on their coding skills and risk management I don't think they actually know what they are doing. Just my opinion :)

    How can you make an infrastructur with a single point of failure? That's so unprofessional :D

    I like how you know our coding style without even seeing actual code.

    Also we work full time jobs. This is a project of ours and are talking about risk management? As if we don't have enough work.

    And you gonna pay for all the fail-over infrastructure or what?

    A single server can't hold the traffic our master server uses. Especially when an update releases.

    And sure we have no clue what we are doing cause we all are stupid as fu#@.

    This is our freetime not some premium service you pay for (and looking at your account are you not even a donator. GG). Go somewhere else if you really expect that.

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