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    Community Rules

    1. Stay respectful and courteous to each other.
    2. Keep all your posts relevant to the forum you're posting in. All forums have a description that explains what kind of posts it contains.
    3. Use the report button when necessary, do not act as a back seat moderator.
    4. NSFW/NSFL content is strictly prohibited in all of our forums.
    5. Respect copyright of other users. Do not share links of pirated GTA V copies or any other type of software. Do not share anything that might classify as piracy at all.
    6. Every forum except for the designated language ones are English-only forums.
    7. Your posts should be consistent with "normal writing". No excessive punctuation, excessive capitalization, huge/small text for no reason, and so forth.
    8. Use an appropriate title when creating a thread. If you require technical support, do not use a "Help!" title or anything similar. Use a title that describes your problem in short.
    9. Spam is in no way tolerated. Do not advertise your product, server, or anything else on our forums except when they are posted in their respective advertisements section.
    10. Our staff team reserves the right to edit, remove, or move any post at any given time. By using our forums you automatically agree to these rules.
    11. All the rules listed above also apply to conversations (private messages).
    12. Signatures may not exceed a size larger than 200x200.
    13. We adhere to a three strike policy. After exceeding three warnings, your forum account will be banned.
    14. Resources such as gamemodes and maps are not allowed to be posted in the language forums. When sharing a resource, share it with the entire community, not just people that share the same language.
    15. Do not use sites like Adfly etc. When you are uploading your script here you agree to make it open for the public. See rule 14.


    Dear Multiplayers,

    We've gone through some changes to organize our staff structure better. We've separated the roles to make sure everyone is working on his/her designated area so we can work as efficiently as possible. I will be outlining our roles, what they mean, and what they do.

    Project Lead Ryone

    Ryone is in charge of Grand Theft Multiplayer as a whole. He works together with developers, supporters, servers and player to make sure everyone is having a great experience with our platform. As he is also leading this project, his tasks vary from day to day as he oversees the entire project and is responsible for a good work flow.

    Development Lead c0nnex

    c0nnex is in charge of all development related aspects of Grand Theft Multiplayer. He leads a team of testers that will help him with extensively testing experimental builds. He also works together with a team of developers on all of our platforms. He is the script whisperer, there's nothing he can't do with a keyboard and some patience!

    Services Manager Kenshin

    Kenshin is our technical go-to. He makes sure everything, from our Discord server all the way to our forums, wiki and website are up and running. A technical guru!



    Our moderator team works with the Community/Staff Manager to coordinate a clean and organized community. They monitor our Discord, our forum, the bug tracker and so forth. They are the first guys you should contact if you're having any non-technical issues. Send them a message on Discord or PM them on the forums.


    The heart and soul of every multiplayer client: the developers. Our developers, a motivated and hard working team, works on our platforms to make sure they're always up-to-date and offer us a seamless gaming experience in Grand Theft Multiplayer.



    The Support Team is a team dedicated to keeping the forums clean and organized and helping our users with any sort of issues they might have. They are you first go-to guys if you're experiencing any difficulties on any of our platforms.




    A small group of testers will go through the experimental builds and provide us feedback upon which we can improve and release an update with. They go through all the crazy, unstable, unsynced, and annoying bugs to make sure you don't have to!

    Language Moderators

    These people moderate their own respective language to make sure out international community remains friendly and courteous. Any questions regarding other languages can be sent to the respective language moderator.