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    Hello Community,

    i'm leaving my position as "services manager" and i'm leaving GT-MP.

    I would like to thank every community member, and every staff member in the past. Especially the support team, like i already said in -> Regarding the latest changes .

    We had a great time with GT-MP and a lot of bad times. But it was a great experience overall. But i personally don't like the latest changes. The reason why i was still there after the switch of the owner was just to see if something would change. But the playerbase is falling, like my interest in this mod. So i have to go.

    I hope the new team will manage everything to make GT-MP a better plattform. I don't have much to say, but thanks for the time.

    We see us on the other side.

    this is just something i want to say, this doesn't mean I leave too.

    I would like to thank everyone that was involved in what gtmp now is/was.

    Every supporter, every developer, every community member. A lot of people were in our team, I don't want to name everyone because I know that I would forget someone, because in total there were more than 30 people involved with staff things. And even more helpful player and people who did wiki stuff.

    But the most work has been done from our support and development team, some of you don't know how it feels like to be a supporter or developer. It's not the best job you can get for such a mod. You invest a huge amount of time just to get someones game working. Same goes for the developer team, but there you need to know a lot more whats going on behind the scene.

    I saw today that we lost some of our supporter and developer. I understand this action pretty good. I understand even YOU as player and what you think about the latest changes. Dunno what the future will bring us...

    But in general don't forget, this is just a game, a little mod, it's nothing you need to live. If you don't want to continue with gtmp, this is fine. Life goes on. Things change, and changes are mostly a good thing. And even if those changes are bad.. "when one door closes, another opens, but we often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us". Just keep that in mind.

    Thank YOU

    Das liegt daran dass du mit der Stable spielst. Du müsstest dir die Beta runterladen, und um auf True Life zu spielen ist so weit ich weiß eine Bewerbung erforderlich. Sofern du das nicht gemacht hast kannst du da wohl eh nicht spielen. Mit den Bewerbungen auf den einzelnen Servern haben wir nichts zu tun. Gleiches gilt wenn du mit der Stable spielst, da gibts eben weniger Server aber auch das ist nicht unter unserer Kontrolle das obliegt den Servern selber.

    Wenn du dir den aktuellen Changelog durchliest steht auch ganz unten wie du die Beta spielen kannst -> GT-MP Server & Client Patch - v0.1.7 Open Beta

    Everything okay?

    If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, the Lifeline over at GT-MP is here to help you. Just Call 1-800-DURTY--SAVIOR

    If you are experiencing any other type of crisis, consider chatting confidentially with a volunteer trained in crisis intervention at or anonymously with a trained active listener on our discord server. And, if you could use some inspiration and confort in your life you should consider watching some videos.

    Sowas ist alleine schon niemals nie möglich da ein Multiplayer hart an der Grenze des erlaubten kratzt. Außerdem müssten wir Zugang zur Playstation SDK bekommen. Ich glaube kaum dass sich Sony jemals für ein Hobby Projekt interessieren würde. Und dann bräuchte man noch Leute die das ganze auf die Konsole bringen also extra Playstation Entwickler.

    This is not a stupid piss or a children's fight. Many people are complaining about the same person, which is still using your platform. What reason would we have to lie? I do not understand how you do not see it.

    Banning him or his server won't help anyone. Same thing on samp. They are also unable to do anything against him.

    Glad to know, I wonder how he got IPs few months back of our team who subscribed here then since we do our best to protect it. But it doesn't shut down the point that he should never have been kept moderator when you all knew the truth about him.

    Razzkulz, Eraknelo and Hardy talked with him. And the outcome was visible in the report against julice thread.

    How can i protect myself against his atacks? I do not have such knowledge and i just want to play, thats all.

    You can't. All you can try it to ask your internet provider to get a dynamic ip instead of a static.

    He's targeting specific players' connections using IPs he collected from various communities and here, not only the servers. Which is why he was reported months back so he can be demoted and not access IPs.

    No moderator here had access to ips. Only manager can see ips.

    Banning his server wont help you. Also there is no 100% way to stop a ddos attack. All you can do is to contact your local police office and report him for cyber crime. But you need a solid proof. DDOs protection is always up to the server hoster. Everywhere and everytime.

    Spanish server owner should try to enable a whitelist for their playerbase and drop every other connection to the server.