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    We shall all remember you for your incredible words, honesty and trust we could put into you. You'll go far in life with your mindset! Good luck for your future.

    If you're looking to "buy" a gamemode, I doubt it's ever going to be full. Not being able to develop one means you won't be able to maintain or update it. This is not SAMP where servers are not developing any features for years, you got a very interesting and big community of developers here that actually work on their projects and update it. Money won't make you far If you spend it without the knowledge.

    Thank's for sharing, I checked it out, definitely the best English speaking GTA 5 role play server!.

    Thank you for the support!

    We also have a cool trailer that doesn't show any of the features nor real ingame footage, but It's an awesome work made by one of our guys so he's always happy when I share it around, make sure to check it out!

    Banning him or his server won't help anyone. Same thing on samp. They are also unable to do anything against him.

    Well actually, now that you say it, once he closed his server he stop'd all his DDoS since he just wanted people to go play on his. Banning his server would make him rage and keep his DDoS for few days, before he stops because he has nothing to win out of it anymore.

    Isn't GTMP EULA saying you can't attack other servers?

    Razzkulz, Eraknelo and Hardy talked with him. And the outcome was visible in the report against julice thread.

    Yes, and yet people told you to listen to him on his server teamspeak to see his real voice. You were all fooled at the time and you knew it, but well, I'm glad to see that he isn't in the team anymore. I got nothing to request from GTMP about him and I just learned that he isn't in the team, so I'm good here.

    If anyone need my iptables configuration protection after being targeted, in order to analyze the UDP packets, please PM me. It's been working great and tested with 10gb/s DDoS. (Only for servers, not users, sorry guys.)

    No moderator here had access to ips. Only manager can see ips.

    Glad to know, I wonder how he got IPs few months back of our team who subscribed here then since we do our best to protect it. But it doesn't shut down the point that he should never have been kept moderator when you all knew the truth about him.

    Banning his server wont help you. Also there is no 100% way to stop a ddos attack. All you can do is to contact your local police office and report him for cyber crime. But you need a solid proof. DDOs protection is always up to the server hoster. Everywhere and everytime.

    Spanish server owner should try to enable a whitelist for their playerbase and drop every other connection to the server.

    It's not so simple. We fought 2 months against him this summer, a whitelist ? Well, he'll use our whiteliste'd IP that were registered here or on his community. We had to analyze every UDP packet to legitimate an incoming packet and player's connection and make sure it's a legitimate player connecting (and yeah, i'm not talking only about the "GrandTheftMultiplayer" string in the packet, it's going way beyond that.).

    He's targeting specific players' connections using IPs he collected from various communities and here, not only the servers. Which is why he was reported months back so he can be demoted and not access IPs.

    Hello! I recently shared a gallery of interiors that players have made on my server:

    Since many of you asked me for the walls I give them in our furniture system, here is a list of the most used ones:





















    Most AVs will detect it, just as you said, so this would be useless anyways.

    I'm quite sure It'll be undetected by the AV if it's ran on CEF browser. Need to test it though, but it should be definitely completely forbidden.

    Since last GTA Online, Scripthook and GTMP updates many of us have been fighting against client crashes, timeouts and even more FPS drops.

    Thanks to regular tips from DurtyFree I've finally been able to drastically reduce these crashes, have no timeouts and also reduced the FPS drops while supporting more than 120 players online.

    The below tips are from my own experience, and I am sure that there are more available, so feel free to share your own experience too.

    1) Reduce the amount of colshapes, especially dynamic ones. It seems that creating / deleting a colshape on a regular basis will lead to many client crashes for players. I now only have colshapes generated at server start, and did workarounds for all my other needs.

    2) Reduce unoccupied vehicles to a minimum: remove spawned cars such as factions cars, and replace it by garages where players can spawn their faction vehicles. Also make sure to properly despawn vehicles after a player disconnects, and limit the amount they can spawn.

    3) Remove all markers, textlabels, and blips that you can. These are more entities to stream and will increase FPS drops and client crashes, especially if you spawned one for each properties.

    Nice, although I would suggest (subjective opinion) that you don't use the menu thing, it's very annoying to use and one day someone will report being DM'd because he got randomly hit by a dude trying to buy a radio. xD

    Every menu features have their associated text commands, but it's way more user friendly for most users to use a menu instead of text commands nowadays, hence our focus on making sure that a menu is available for every actions too.

    If any action happens near you at this moment, you can just right click and it gets you out of the money. Whereas If you're writing (which is also longer) you need to press ESC or ENTER which will send the message. So not much difference here.

    I apologize for the introduction logo / end of the videos, these are used as videos to introduce the features to our players and I didn't want to upload it twice with different versions.

    XM Radio system for cars, properties and outside and also showcase a bit our furniture system:

    Spike system: