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    for me the args[0].length property gave me an undefined value

    Check out the MSDN

    The List-Class of C# hasn't a property called "length" - only arrays has a "Length" property.

    Lists has a property called "Count" - so for your list, items.Count should give you the right amount of items.

    so maybe you can also try

    1. args[0].Count

    I don't think this is right..

    In a clientside script the function API.getPlayerVehicle() returns a LocalHandle,

    otherwise your GetEntityVelocity should also doens't work becauce it also requires a LocalHandle.

    Try this for the Vector: velocity = new Vector3(velocity.X * speedLimit, velocity.Y * speedLimit, velocity.Z * speedLimit);

    hmm..yes that's true - than sry for the wrong info!

    @OP: have you an exception message with stacktrace or any other infos? :)

    as you can see in the WIKI, API.getPlayerVehicle(player); returns data of type "NetHandle"

    and the function API.setEntityVelocity is expecting a type of "LocalHandle" as first parameter.

    i don't know the API function to get the player's vehicle as a LocalHandle, but maybe someone else is answering this :)

    maybe there are also any examples in the example resources of the server :)

    because other functions use also a LocalHandle vehicle (BreakVehicleTyre, Door, etc.)

    "which one are the best for GT-MP"

    This doesn't exists. YOU need to choose keeping in mind how YOU will use it.

    i know, but as Sascha mention for example: he suggest to work with Entity Framework, which is not available for all database systems i think ;)

    so in this case, the databases with Entity Framework would be "better" to use :)

    Thx 4 the answers anyway :)

    The question is, which database is "the best" or at least the most recommended; because there are pros and cons for all DB-Systems and I want to figure out, which one are the best for GT-MP

    how to use it with GT-MP isn't the question, once you have you database "system" it is easy to set it up with GT-MP

    Hello GT-MP Community.

    I would like to hear from you, which database you prefer for a GT-MP server.

    Let's say it is a server, where an average amount of > 200 players play actively - so there are a lot of user accounts and other tables filled with data.

    There are different "types" of databases available and I think it will be interesting for me and maybe also for a lot of other people, which databases are recommended for a GT-MP server.

    Maybe it is based of the server gamemode and it's features/complexity, but I am sure, that some of you know the best or TOP 5 databases for the GT-MP server.

    My thoughts/knowledge:

    • SQLite
      • Pros: embedded database in your C#-application, "easy to use", no "installation" of 3rd party software required, just add the SQLite reference to your project. you can use e.g. Entity Framework
      • Questions: what about the performance of this embedded database, if the database grows and grows? Is it just recommended for small config data or also for a whole e.g. RPG Server Data
      • Connection Pooling is disabled by default and it depends on the server gamemode but I think it does not make sense -> so it is better if you keep the DB-connection open and wait for queries streamed in. (see this article)
    • Microsoft SQL Server
      • Pros: "own" software / database server, which has to be installed on the OS. you can use e.g. Entity Framework; Connection Pooling
      • Question: Express version fits all the needs? because only this version is free, but it has some restrictions
        • Database Engine, and Analysis Services: Limited to lesser of 1 Socket or 4 cores
        • Max Memory per instance: 1 GB
        • Max Database size: 10GB (data file size only)
        • Max instance per server: 50
        • Questions: will the express version fit all the needs for a good GT-MP server?
    • MySql
      • Pros: free, a lot of tutorials, etc.

    ... any others?

    Thanks in advance! :)

    To be honest why would you even want to close a database connection, it'll be faster to keep it open and stream in queries whenever you wish.

    if ConnectionPooling is available/used with your Database, the connection won't be "totally" closed :)

    so in this case, there is also no difference, if you have a loop (1000x) and create every time a new SqlConnection or just instantiate it once:…nection-or-reconnect-ever

    But this is just for SqlServe or OracleDB, where establishing a connection can take some time -> pooling would be much better.

    If the application is for example single-threaded, it might be best to use a single permanent connection to the SQLite DB, which could be much faster than pooling


    nice that you have fixed the issue :)

    no Problem :)

    another tip beside that: you can use the statement "using" - so you don't have to manually close the DB-Connection or SqlDataReader yourself :)

    it is mainly used with SQL-Operations - check this article out :)

    especially this part of the article:

    as you see - no conn.Close() or dr.Close() :)

    this will be automatically be done, when leaving/completing the using-block

    hi - naja, die Informationen sind hier alle zu finden :p

    Downloads sind im Bereich "Downloads" zu finden - danach kann man sich mit dem derzeitigen Stand anhand der WIKIschonmal bissl orientieren und Projekte aufsetzen etc. :)

    einfach mal wiki durchforsten bzw. Server downloaden und mitgelieferte Beispiel-Gamemodes durchgucken :)

    everything except Roleplay :)

    if they are detected as inactive the game will be removed from them and given to another person, this is to make sure that he uses the game to play on our server no on another one.

    What do you mean with "to make sure he uses the game to play on our server" - how can someone check this? :D

    Is that possible? :/:/