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    Sehr geehrte deutschsprachige GT-MP Community,

    auf Grund der neusten Ereignisse (betreffend dem Server "Alternate-Life" und dem Server "True-Life") reagiert GT-MP mit folgenden Maßnahmen:

    HerrAusragend wurde von der Nutzung von GT-MP ausgeschlossen, da er gezielt einem GT-MP Server versucht hat zu schaden. Er hat auf dem Server "True Life" eine Sicherheitslücke gefunden und versucht diese mehrfach Auszunutzen, z.B. indem er verschiedene Accounts benutzte, welche ihm nicht gehören und damit erst einmal diverse Administrator-Befehle ausführte.

    Hier gilt das Argument "Wir haben es Ihnen danach gesagt und es war nur gut gemeint" nicht, da es keine vorherige Absprache mit dem Serverteam gab und man nicht einfach auf Server gehen kann, dort gezielt Sicherheitslücken suchen und ausnutzen kann und dies nach dem man diese bereits missbraucht hat, damit zu rechtfertigen, dass man den Servern damit helfen wollte.

    In diesem Falle hätte es gereicht den Server auf die Sicherheitslücke aufmerksam zu machen, es wurde sich jedoch bewusst dazu entschieden diese erst auszunutzen, bevor eine entsprechende Meldung einging.

    Dies wird durch veröffentlichte Serverlogs bewiesen:

    Dieses Vorgehen ist nicht nur laut der EULA von GT-MP strikt verboten, sondern auch eine Straftat in Deutschland.

    Staiy wurde ebenfalls von der Nutzung von GT-MP ausgeschlossen, da er diese Taten öffentlich unterstützt und befürwortet hat, laut eigener Aussage war er dort ebenfalls involviert, indem er sagte "wir von Alternate". Weiterhin wurden von ihm falsche Behauptungen (mehrfach auch in der Vergangenheit, welche hier jedoch in dieser Entscheidung nicht zum Tragen kommen) getätigt, um dem Server weiter zu schaden, wie z.B. dass der Server "True Life" wegen dieser Sicherheitslücke 3 Tage offline war, welches von dem Serverteam eindeutig widerlegt werden konnte, da es eine Downtime gab, welche von OVH (dem Serverhoster von "True Life") verursacht wurde, die nicht im Zusammenhang mit den obigen Vorkommnissen stand.

    Die Entscheidung der Blacklistung dieser beiden Personen beruht auf der Grundlage der EULA von GT-MP (Stand 23. Mai 2017):

    Attacking another GT-MP server and/or community in any way, shape or form is strictly forbidden..

    Der Server "Alternate-Life" selbst wird nicht von der Nutzung von GT-MP ausgeschlossen, da laut Staiy (Projektleiter von "Alternate-Life") zwar im Namen von diesem Server gehandelt wurde (Aussage s.o. "wir von Alternate"), es jedoch keinerlei Beweise gibt, dass noch weitere Personen des Serverteams hieran beteiligt waren.

    Somit betrifft diese Entscheidung nur die Einzelpersonen "Staiy" und "HerrAusragend", jedoch nicht das gesamte Projekt "Alternate-Life", auch aus dem Grund, dass Staiy nicht alleiniger Projektleiter des Servers ist.

    If you are in the main menu of GT-MP (not connected to any server) press P for the GTA singleplayer menu.

    There you can adjust the volume.

    If this doesn't work, go to GTA:Online, change the audio settings there and then start GT-MP.

    GT-MP Voice Beta

    We got great news for everyone that is interested in a voice solution for their server.

    GT-MP Voice (which we already gave you a little sneak preview about on Twitter in late February 2018) is starting it's Beta today and everyone can participate in it!

    GT-MP Voice will enable you to have a realtime ingame voice communication between the users on your server.

    Here are some of it's features:

    • Automatic volume adjustments based on distance
    • Full 3D positional sound support
    • Possibility to implement radios (Walky Talkys) and mobile phones
    • Protection against unfair players (e.g. unmuting players that are out of range)
    • Automated activating/deactivating of the plugin and moving the user to the right channel when joining/leaving the server
    • Full control via an integrated API (set the volume of every client independently, un-/mute clients, etc.)
    • No performance impact on GTA due to it's implementation

    Currently GT-MP Voice works as a TeamSpeak3 plugin that is developed and maintained by c0nnex, if you have any questions about it or if you are interested in it contact him via Discord (c0nnex#9132).

    You will then get access to a GitHub repository where you can find the voice plugin itself and an example gamemode showing the usage of the plugin.

    Every user will be able to install the voice plugin nice and easy via the GT-MP launcher.

    Go to the tab Settings, select the sub-tab GT-MP Voice, click on Install TS3 Plugin and confirm the dialogs to install the plugin (TeamSpeak3 may ask for admin priviliges).


    After that the user just has to activate the plugin (can also be done in the installation) and join your TeamSpeak3 server (if not done already).

    That's it! The plugin will then handle the rest for the user.

    As already said: The GitHub repository includes the plugin file that the launcher installs so you also have the option to ship it manually to the users (for example if you got your own launcher).

    Solutions for other voice-based communication programs like Discord will follow in the future.

    Please report any issues and bugs you may encounter with the plugin directly to c0nnex with the appropriate informations (logs, etc.).

    We hope that you appreciate this official solution for your own server and that you share some love with c0nnex for the awesome work he has done <3

    As John Harvey already said, this is intended and won't be changed.

    Imagine if every customizing-related API will call "API.setPlayerHeadBlendData" internally beforehand, it would mean that this would get called way more often than it would be necessary, that's why it's up to the user to call this one time.

    - Closed & archived

    Dear community,

    about one week ago we released the long awaited version 0.1.7 as an Open Beta for everyone to test out!

    In this week's devblog you can read everything that might interest you about this Open Beta.

    How is the Open Beta going so far?

    At this point in time the devs are doing a great job fixing bugs that you guys are reporting in our BugTracker that is now on the forums.

    This new BugTracker makes it easier for us to communicate with the users and get more feedback if a patch is rolled out that adresses the mentioned problems which is crucial, especially when the devs are working on user-specific problems.

    We know that the Open Beta still has crashes and that the performance is lower for some users than on the stable version but as this is an Open Beta, problems were expected and we are working on those as you can see on the amount of patches that are being pushed (you can follow these via the forums or our Discord).

    In case the Open Beta is affecting the gameplay in a huge negative way because something is critically broken or important features aren't operating normally, the users and servers always have the option to go back to the stable version and try it again later (though it's important that those servers inform their users on how to get from the Open Beta back to the stable version as you can't just change the update channel back to "stable").

    The Open Beta is just not working for me

    As already said, problems are expected but that doesn't mean we won't work on them as fast as possible.

    The most important thing is: If you encounter any problem (that is related to the version 0.1.7) report it via our BugTracker.

    So far we have seen a lot of servers that tried out the Open Beta and just went back to the stable version saying that it just doesn't work or even servers that are on the Open Beta version and blame everything that is not working on it.

    The thing about that is that those servers aren't reporting such problems to us hence we don't know about it and can't fix it. Those are the same servers that are saying that the update broke feature XY and that we (GT-MP) don't care about it.

    For those servers I personally got a message:

    We can't know about your problems if you don't report them!

    We won't go through every server's forum/discord and contact every user by ourselves as we don't have the time for that and it's your job if you are using the Open Beta and you want to help improving it!

    You (as a server owner or a developer) have to collect users feedback, filter it out (e.g. if the problem is gamemode related and not to the GT-MP update itself) and report it with all informations you can get (that means logs, etc.) to us via our BugTracker.

    Do not contact us via private message as we don't have any overview about it then.

    You can not expect the users to do this by themselves as they most likely lack the needed amount of knowledge how GT-MP works and what problems are really related to GT-MP.

    So please report problems in the future if you own a server or if you are a developer.

    In case you play on any server as a "normal" user and there are update-related problems a lot of users are complaining about and the server's team says that it's related to the Open Beta, tell them that they have to report it to us via our new BugTracker!

    We still want to thank everyone that has reported valuable feedback so far, including servers like GTA World and Identity Roleplay.

    TL;DR: Just spread the message above as feedback is more important than ever with this Open Beta to sort out any issues with it.

    Is there any other way to help the Open Beta improve?

    Yes, other than just reporting the bugs it's always helpful to also let us know if your problem was solved.

    So if you report any problems in the future, be sure to also let us know if the latest patch improved/fixed your problem.

    That way we have a better overview about what the current problems are which makes it easier for the developers to focus on other problems.

    When will the Open Beta be released as a full update?*

    This won't happen until we have fixed the most critical bugs that are being reported.

    Things we currently know about are some crashes and for some users lower performance as already said earlier.

    You can be sure that we won't fully release 0.1.7 before things like these aren't fixed/improved.

    As you may or may not know, we are not giving any ETAs (release dates). It's ready when it's ready.

    * This means that the update is pushed to the "stable" update channel of GT-MP.

    That's it for the third devblog. We hope that you now know more about the Open Beta and that we have answered some of your questions.

    If you still have any questions, contact Hardy on our Discord server (Hardy#0406).

    Thanks again for reading the newest devblog, be sure to check out the next one in two weeks:thumbup: