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    Update 1.0.4

    -Bug Fix | Friendly Fire sometimes was deactivated.

    -Changed | Spawn | You drop now 500 Meter´s over the Ground and need to Fall down with a Parachute

    -Added | Russia and USA has now the same Skin [Freemode Male]

    -Added | Some Flags has been little Mapped with Sandbags to more Cover!

    -Added | Different Clothing Color for Freemode Male Skin [Cant Changed Self!]

    -Added | Random Weather at Server Start and every 30 Minutes

    -Added | Vehicle Upgrade Mission is now available! [Every 30 Minutes starts a Mission] [Need more then 4 Players to Start!]

    The Objective is to steal a specific Vehicle which you see on the Map, the Vehicle need´s to Drive to a Deliver Point and there it get Upgraded! If you are in the Vehicle, All Players can kill you! [3 Different Vehicles | Kuruma | Baller | Duke]

    The new Skin Clothes! USA Blue and Russia Orange




    Update 1.0.3

    -Added | New Flag on Mile High Club

    -Added | New Flag on BMX Roof Park

    -Added | Sync. Working Elevator´s on Mile High Club

    -Added | New Vehicle to Request [Bulldozer] [Need Flag on Mile High Club]

    -Added | New Vehicle to Request [BMX] [Need Flag on BMX Roof Park]


    Update 1.0.2

    -Bug Fix | Flag Control [If someone leave the ColShape the Control deactivate]

    -Bug Fix | Spawn Camera [Sometimes not correct View]

    -Bug Fix | Fast Command [Y Menu]

    -Bug Fix | Spawn Menu [Sometimes not appeard]

    -Changed | Flag Name [Stadium to Maze Bank Arena]

    -Added | New Class [Medic]

    -Added | Player Class Label [See over the Head if the Player is Support or Medic]

    -Added | Special Item for Support [3x Ammo Box] [Press M to Place]

    -Added | Special Item for Medic [3x Health Pack] [Press M to Place]

    -Added | Special Item Amount Bar

    -Added | Vehicle Request Animation [The Vehicle Request takes 2.5 Seconds longer]

    -Added | Team Player Check [If there are 3 Players in USA and 1 Player in Russia, the next Player need to Join then in Russia]

    -Added | One new Random Message [Use ur Special Items to help your Teammates! [Press M]]

    -Added | Maze Bank Arena Interior [Fame or Shame]

    -Added | 2 new Fast Command [Press Y to Open the Menu] [NEED A MEDIC | NEED AMMO]

    -Added | Team Chat [Press Z to Activate/Deactivate the Team Chat]

    [AMMO BOX]




    Hey Guys,

    i create a new Map and i want to hear your Opinion :)

    Now its a Car Workshop in Cypress Flat :)

    The 3 Vehicle´s are Objects and dont cant Drive (normaly without Wheel´s =D )

    Here some Pictures:





    Welcome to the Server Advertisement from Grand War V.

    What we are?

    We are a Small Community that want to create a Base for all Players in GT-MP.

    This is our third Server on GT-MP and we work hard on all Servers :)

    The Server runs since 17.05.2018 and its time to go in the Open Beta.

    How many Players can Join the Server?

    The Server is limited to 32 Slots.

    If we reach a good Player Base with 32 Player´s in the Server we Upgrade the Slots for all Players.

    What for Features has the Server?

    • Login/Register System - All Player Data Save´s in our Database, and you get automatic Logged in and Registered.
    • Flag Control - You can take the Flags from you enemie´s, if you are fight for USA then u can take the Flags from the Russian´s...
    • Vehicle Request - If you need a Vehicle, u can make a Request to get a Vehicle, you Press X then a Menu Popup and you can select a Vehicle to order.
    • Anti Team Kill - You cannot kill your Teammates, so work with your Team to get all Flags and be alive!
    • No Commands - The Server dont has 1 Command! We work with Buttons and Menu´s.
    • Class System - At the moment you can only select the Support Class, he has a Assault Rifle and 50% Armour. Other Class coming soon...
    • Team System - Choose a Team between USA and Russia.
    • Spawn System - You can Select your Spawn, u have the Choice to spawn in your Base or at your Flags! (The flag needs more then 50% yours!)
    • Crouch System - We deactivate the Cover function and add a Crouch System (by rootcause), you can Crouch if you press STRG.
    • Language System - We support 2 Language´s in our Server German and English, the Server detect what Language you have installed of GTA V.
    • Live Map - We use the LiveMapfrom Neta!

    Contact Possibilities

    You can Contact us on Facebook -

    Or you can Join our Discord Server -

    Server IP

    Server Pictures

    Flag Control


    Vehicle Request


    All 12 Flags


    We hope you like the Advertisement of our Server.


    Artiii | Grand Community V Team

    Update 1.0.1

    Update 1.0.2

    Update 1.0.3

    Update 1.0.4

    Update 1.1a is out

    This Update contains

    1. 13 New Maps | Air Jump | Taxi Jump | Vacca Vacca Eh | Black Line | Black Round | Spiral Baguette | Phantom Tube | Maze Bank GT | Space Flag | Brawler Action | Cheater Drive | Planewood | Bike Circel

    The Creator of the Maps are | Artiii with 7 Maps | Raphiii with 4 Maps | OideTschesn with 1 Map | DasChaosAT with 1 Map

    2. The Shop has new Features and new Items.

    New Items are | Secondary Color | Wheels

    New Shop Feature | Preview Picture of the Items | Preview Sounds of the Horns

    3. Every new Round the Server get a Random Time and a Random Weather.

    4. We have now a VIP System for our Special User´s, how u can be a VIP? We will choose the Players :)

    5. We Build a Round Timer of 3 Minutes and 30 Seconds every Round! If the Timer goes to Zero noone is the Winner of the Round and the Round is Over!

    6. You can now get some Achievments by Winning Games, Playing Games and other Secret´s. You cant see the Achievments befor you get the Achievment ;)

    7. Like/Dislike System, if you are Death you can give the Maps a Like or a Dislike, if you want do that Press Y and choose Like or Dislike. You can give only 1 Like or Dislike per Map, if you give´s a Map a Like you cant change your Opinion.

    8. You can now get a Winstreak, if you are on a Winstreak all Player´s gets a Notification about it and you get a little Surprise ;)

    9. We changed the Friend List a little bit, now you see the Stat´s from your Friends and the Online Status.

    10. If a Player lose the Round, the other Player´s dont get a Notification About it... because they see now the Place and the Name Right of the Display.

    11. If a Round is over, all Players need to Wait 10 Seconds befor the Next Round will Start, because of the Map Loading and we hope the Players dont fall through the Map.

    12. We added a Map Play´s Counter and you can see too how many Player´s Like´s or Dislike´s the Maps if a new Map loaded...

    13. The Server has now Rules! If you break them you get WP (Warn Poins) from us, if you get 3 WP´s you get banned from the Server... [F1 - Rules]

    14. If a Round starts we set the Camera behind the Player.

    15. We have now a little Admin System, for this we dont give any Information.

    16. Every 5 Minutes all Players get a Auto Save.

    17. We Disable the Pos1 Button in our Server, because of this Players can stuck on there Position! If you Press Pos1 you get a automatic Kick and 1 WP.

    We fixxed too some Bugs in our Server, we hope you like the Update and we will Work for more Update´s andMaps.


    Artiii | Grand Community V Team