GT-MP Server & Client Hotfix - v0.1.493.627

  • Server & Client Hotfix


    This hotfix should mainly address the issues related to players not disconnecting properly. We are still working on getting some of the remaining critical issues fixed with our next patch.


    • Several crash issues fixed

    • Peds not despawning & timeout issues fixed.

    • Some possible crash fixes for the launcher.

    • Possible dependency check issues for the launcher fixed
    • Weird CEF issues fixed

    • getScreenResolution()returns the right screen resolution now

    • getScreenResolutionAccurate() is deprecated and got removed, use getScreenResolution() instead
    • The server setting allowcefdevtoolgot a rename to allow_client_devtools
    • Ped & Vehicle Hashes have been changed back to int


    Make sure to restart your launcher and your client for the client update to apply!
    Server owners & developers will have to download & replace the server with our latest package from below.

    Server download:
    You can get the latest Client Setup from our downloads page: