ColShape Debug resource

  • For all who want to see they colshapes.





    How to use this:

    1. Copy the ColShape.dll from folder ColShapeDebug\bin\release to your folder where gt-mp server exe is.

    2. Place the ColShapeDebug folder in your resource folder.

    3. Add in your meta from your resource with your shape <assembly ref="ColShape.dll" /> and <include resource="ColShapeDebug" />.

    4. Add this to your files where the shape create " using ColShape.server; "

    5. Create your shape API.shared.create3DColShape(new Vector3(10, 0, 70), new Vector3(15, 5, 75)); and add the draw(); like in the example.

    XML: meta.xml
    1. <meta>
    2. <info name="Example" author="SyBozz" type="script" />
    3. <include resource="ColShapeDebug" />
    4. <assembly ref="ColShape.dll" />
    5. <script src="example.cs" type="server" lang="csharp" />
    6. </meta>


    There are 4 shape types and it can only draw one for every type at the time

    this is the last shape with .draw();

    If you have a big shape please draw only one per time.

    FPS can go down to 15 or less when your shapes to big.

    When you use .draw(); before you join you can`t see the shape

    for that create the shape after join or restart your resource with command.

    This is only for debug and to see where you shape is.


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