• Exported Functions

    You can use the exported functions below to access/modify player money:

    • GetMoney(Client player) - returns given player's money (data type: long)
    • ChangeMoney(Client player, long amount) - changes given player's money by given amount (returns nothing)
    • SetMoney(Client player, long amount) - sets given player's money to given amount (returns nothing)

    Settings (meta.xml)

    • walletDB - Name of the database file. (Default: wallets.db)
    • walletDefault - Starting money. (Default: 250)
    • walletCap - Money cap. Don't go above 9007199254740991. (Default: 9000000000000000)
    • walletInterval - Autosave interval in minutes, write 0 to disable. (Default: 5)
    • walletSave - Save money after every operation. (not recommended) (Default: false)
    • walletLog - Log money changes. (Default: false)



    Drop the "MoneyAPI" folder in the archive to your server's "resources" folder, then add

    <resource src="MoneyAPI" />

    to your settings.xml. You can also use "/start MoneyAPI" command, enjoy!


  • I wish i can try this on GTMP Server Windows but it has javascript error issur(but your or the from download of gtmp are Okay mean the javascript files that include) baisc from GTMP Launcher or Client dll or ClearScript.dll. But thanks to share this. Sorry for the off toppic

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