Development Team Recruitment Day!

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    Hello Multiplayers!

    Do you think you are the best at programming, do you want to show the world what you can do? It's your perfect chance to do so, because now you can be part of our developing team! Doing stuff like:

    • Improving the platform through heavy development
    • Help users if they have any issues
    • Determine whether an issue is caused by our side or the user's side
    • Inform people on how to properly suggest a feature and report an issue on our Bug Tracker

    All applications can be sent to me via a forum PM. Tell us a bit about yourself, any past or similar experiences, and why you want to join our team. We are looking for creative people that are not afraid to think out of the box!

    If you are interested, you can use this template to fullfill your application:

    1. Real name:
    2. Nickname:
    3. Tell me a bit about yourself:
    4. Do you have any experience?:

    Good luck to everyone that applies!