We're looking for testers!

  • Hello everyone!

    After an array of updates which have each brought up some issues that were not tested properly, we are now going to be hiring a team of testers which will help us in releasing quality assured updates. Your role as a tester is very diverse, it will range from extensively testing our launcher to trying anything to break the game on our experimental builds. Testers are a very valuable asset and we believe that this community, which has supported us continuously, is more than happy to volunteer for testing purposes.

    If you are interested in helping GT-MP and becoming a tester, please click on the following link and fill out the form:


    DurtyFree is the supervisor of testers - if you have any questions, you can always ask him. Note: do not inquire about your application as we will review them when we believe we are ready.

    Good luck and thank you to everyone that applies!

  • We selected about 50 people from the around 100 applications we received.
    Big thanks to everybody that applied for the testing team.

    All selected people received informations on our discord server, please mark your presence in the next couple of days.
    For everybody else, heads up! We will be opening up the testing applications sometime in the future again.