CEF dont show up right

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    I have made a CEF Loginsystem and somethimes it shows up and somethims not. I dont know why.


    Guten Tag

    Ich habe ein CEF Loginsystem gemacht und manchmal wird es angezeigt und manchmal nicht. Leider weiß ich nicht woran das liegt.

    Manchmal wird übrigends zwar die Maus angezeigt, aber nicht die Webseite.

    Code: client-account.cs
    1. public void onPlayerConnected(Client player) {
    2. API.triggerClientEvent(player,"SHOW_LOGIN");
    3. ...
    4. }

    Code: meta.xml
    1. <file src="client/CEF-Login/loginScreen.html" />
    2. <file src="client/CEF-Login/loginScreen.css" />
    3. <script src="client/client-account.js" type="client" lang="javascript" />
    4. <script src="server/client-account.cs" type="server" lang="csharp" />

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  • client-events triggered in onPlayerConnected will not be processed by the client!

    Sequence of the events is:

    onPlayerBeginConnect -> Server is asking the gamemode if the player can connect

    onPlayerConnected -> PLayer suscessfully connected BUT is not ready to go yet!

    onPlayerFinishedDownload -> Player downloaded all client stuff, started teh client scripts and IS READY TO GO

    onPlayerDownloadFinished is the first place where client.triggerEvent is valid and will be executed by the client