Microphone is causing ClientSide Errors (InvokeJavaHookAction)

  • Used version: Open Beta (Client: v0.1.798.604)

    Explanation of the bug: Every time I use my USB-microphone (this one) I can't hear no one in the game. For example: I'm calling someone with my phone and they can hear me, but I can't hear them. Starting the game more than one doesn't help. Also deleting and new install didn't help at all.

    What''s interesting: After breaking up (for example a phone call, when I'm not hearing hime) there is the error: "Clientside Error" - "InvokeJavaHookAction" (something like that). The same error is by closing the door of a car, there is the same error.

    Steps to reproduce the bug: Just using now a headset and it works without any problem. There is no error - nothing. But still want to us the micrphone for better quality.

    Thank you for your help!

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  • VoIP is not a part of GT-MP and has to be handled by servers individually. Furthermore GT-MP doesn't use Java in any part of it 's architecture so this error is most likely caused by the server.

    I would suggest to contact the server's staff team directly or create a bug report on their forums.

    -- Closed