MySQL, arrays, deleteEntity

  • Hi again! :)

    That's my code:

    I have 2 questions. How can I append mysql rows (from SELECT query) to table "t_loadings"? And how can I delete the Entities (blip, marker and text) from this array and MySQL table (DELETE query)?

    I appriciate your help :)

  • So.. I'm trying to this alone and I need your help.

    I need an multidimentional array like:

    1. simpleArray[0] = {long,NetHandle,ColShape,Blip,Text};
    2. simpleArray[1] = {long,NetHandle,ColShape,Blip,Text}; ... etc

    How can I do this?

  • Boxing and Unboxing - Microsoft DOCS

    InvalidCastException - Microsoft DOCS

  • If you don't want to determine the size of array, then you can use Lists. You can add new objects to List whenever you want.

    But maybe it would be better if you create a class with these properties (long, NetHandle, ColShape, Blip, string).

    For details:

    Class - Microsoft DOCS

    List - Microsoft DOCS