[Searching] Ace-RP Searching for a new PR-Leader/Head Administrator

  • Ace-RP

    We at Ace-RP are searching for many new members to our team of friendly and motivated people. This announcement is about a new member/leader for our PR and Media team. Your work in the beginning will be strictly related to public relations and once our team grows with media and other PR members you will take on the leadership role for that division. All leader roles are automatically in the team of Head Administrators.

    What we expect from you:

    • We expect you to write announcements, recruit and advertise on different forums and pages.
    • We expect you to lay down clear and organized strategies with an execution plan?.
    • We expect you to dedicate multiple hours each week to improving the community.
    • We expect that you are driven and unafraid to speak your mind.
    • We expect that you exhibit natural leadership skills.

    We are a non-paid organization, all positions including this one are entirely elective. All funds go directly to our infrastructure, paid out of pocket by our management. With that being said, you will be a part of a team of specialists in different areas who have many years of work experience in real life, as well as years of experience in staff positions of various roleplay communities. As we are getting ready to release in the upcoming months your work is an essential part of our release plan.

    This is your opportunity to make a name for yourself, to showcase your skills, and to give yourself something to add on your next job application.

    Message me on Discord or on the forums - HitzSPB#7947

    Thank you for reading, more positions will be posted soon.

    - Ace-rp.com