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    About Us:

    AceRP is a heavy roleplay, text-based community centered around Grand Theft Auto V for PC. We here at AceRP strive to bring you; the player and the community the best roleplay platform and script that can be given. We pride ourselves in listening to what the community wants, and putting their suggestions and needs first. Our goal is to bring the best roleplay experience than any other roleplay community, because here at AceRP, The Sky is the Limit.


    About The Staff:

    The Staff here at AceRP is made up of many experienced individuals, all from other popular communities, who have dedicated themselves to this community and the player. They have pledged to give the player the best roleplay experience that can be offered. Through hard work, and dedication, each and everyone of you will come to rely on each individual staff member, as they assist you in your very own roleplay, helping you pave the way to your dreams. If you have any questions or any complaints, please get in touch with our Director of Staff, or create a report in the correct section. We are always looking for people to join our team, if you are interested please let us know!


    Estimated Launch Information: 

    We are expecting to enter the testing phrase of our development in the last week of may/first week of June, this will be what we consider Alpha testing. A few members of the community that have supported us through good and bad times will be invited to that. Apart from that our upcoming testing and staff team will be testing every little inch of that script so we kill as many bugs as possible.

    Once the Alpha testing week is over, we are expecting to develop until the end of June and go into beta stage. This stage the server will be released for players to get on. Difference between Beta and final release is that there might be multiple restarts during the first two weeks as we add features and fix issues with the server.

    Once beta stage is over we will go into full release mode. From here on out all restarts will be scheduled and only emergency bug fixing will cause a restart to go down. Our entire staff team will be putted in place into the server and run as normal server.

    Remember the above is an estimate at the current given time. If is done before we expect no more than one week before, if after we expect up to three weeks after the estimate.

    Looking for Devs: We are still open for developers, especially front end/Javascript developers. If you are interested in applying, please follow the steps listed at the link below:…ment-team-recruitment.62/

    Join Us - Discord Link for AceRP

  • We are currently recruiting new staff members to join our team. As we are not open yet, your main duty as a staff member will be to help us create documentation, testing, keep the forum active and clean. We would also love more people to give us input on stuff while it's in progress.

    You can apply on our website

  • Sorry for the two people who applied, thought someone had announced it already. "We" are no longer accepting applications for staff positions as the owner have closed down the server. The server closed down because of the recent events here on GT-MP.

    May you have luck somewhere else.