GT-MP Server & Client Patch - v0.1.7 Open Beta

  • Client Patch (v0.1.798.597)
    - Fixed expired models logging
    - Fixed server side API.playPedScenario throwing error
    - Fixed some special weapons not correctly beeing categorized (getWeaponAmmoType)
    - Fixed overlapping vehicle extras (only one is set per default) for all vehicles
    - Fixed crosshair not fading on map
    - Fixed onHudVisibilityChange event not triggering if HUD state changed by API
    - Fixed some cases where getUserInput could cause crashes
    - Fixed some possible crashes that could occur on initial server connection
    - Fixed rockstar editor not disabling properly
    - Fixed motorcycle entering with universal enter key
    - Improved the model manager
    - Improved objects/props streamin time
    - Added proper output of missing file name (If missing on browser creation)

    Server Patch (v0.1.798.594)
    - Added API.getVehicleExtras
    - Fixed givePlayerWeapon doesn't work properly when thrown weapons emptied

  • Client Patch (v0.1.798.598)
    - Fixed HWID generation in some cases (All HWIDs again changed)
    - Fixed some drawText related performance issues
    - Fixed some instructional menu button related performance issues
    - Fixed some world to screen related performance issues
    - Fixed weather & time not properly resetting on disconnect
    - Fixed model caching (Very experimental change, need feedback on this)
    - Added disableMenuInstructionalButtons() on client side
    - Removed R* tiles from main menu background
    - Changed main menu weather & time to have a default one on startup

  • Client Patch (v0.1.798.599)
    - Fixed Jester3 passenger seat
    - Fixed some performance issues regarding client events
    - Fixed some model loading issues
    - Fixed worldToScreen() and worldToScreenMaintainRatio() on client side
    - Fixed memory usage issues connected to CEF
    - Fixed OnEntityStreamOut getting invoked after entity streamed out already
    - CEF cache is enabled per default again
    - Changed CEF cache setting to "Disable CEF Cache" (Default off)

    Launcher Patch (v1.0.6680.42964)
    - Updated & Prepared GT-MP Voice TS3 Plugin for Beta

  • Client Patch (v0.1.798.601)
    - Fixed crashes related to deleteEntity()
    - Fixed possible crash on setPlayerSkin()
    - Fixed possible model loading fail issue
    - Fixed two possible crashes on game startup for some people

  • Client Patch (v0.1.798.602)
    - Added API wrapper for water height on client side (More informations in our wiki)
    - Added support for flashing blips on the pause menu map
    - Fixed menu item description not beeing updated for selected item
    - Fixed pause menu map beeing 20 pixel off when window size is changed during runtime
    - Fixed UIResText ignoring the Enabled property
    - Fixed textElements beeing only visibile if chat is visible
    - Fixed setPlayerNametagColor on client side
    - Reworked UIDynamicListItem on client side (More informations in our wiki)
    - Various CEF performance improvements
    - Various improvements on models loading

    Server Patch (v0.1.798.595)
    - Added resource events by using triggerResourceEvent() on server side (More informations in our wiki)
    - Fixed vehicle door state not updating when using setVehicleDoorState() on server side

    Updates for Typescript definitions & Server API nuget package are also now available.

  • This is what I have got after trying to spawn and game crashes:


    [22:00:24.081] [24] [ Warn] [ue2hvxtRkGcwX3xRTQI] 1885233650 loading failed (Timed out) AT DecodeNativeCall H:\DevProjects\GIT_Projects\MTAV\platform\Client\Main.cs:2506

    [22:00:24.081] [24] [ Warn] [ue2hvxtRkGcwX3xRTQI] 1885233650 loading failed (Timed out) AT DecodeNativeCall H:\DevProjects\GIT_Projects\MTAV\platform\Client\Main.cs:2506

  • It still prompts to update from 0.1.798.591 to 0.1.641.697 every time I launch the client so what are you talking about?

    UPDATE: Ah, okay, it's launcher that shows .591 version, in game there is .603.

  • Client Patch (v0.1.798.604)
    - Fixed crash when no subtitle given in menus > 10 items
    - Fixed marker and text labels not properly streaming out causing performance issues
    - Fixed some issues with setPlayerSkin
    - Added Ambient Natives to whitelist