Courier Script

  • Don't even know why I named it courier edition...


    Factories are where players can buy products to sell. They have a blue marker & blip. Blip_475.png

    Factories start with 0 stock and make product every factoryProductInterval seconds until they reach factoryMaxAutoStock value.

    You can also get a refund for the product you're carrying. (If your product and the factory are the same type!)


    Buyers are where players can sell their products. They have a green marker & blip. Blip_500.png

    Buyers start with 0 stock and can buy product from players until they reach their max. stock.

    When a buyer reaches their max. stock, they will start to "sell" product (aka getting rid of them) every buyerSaleInterval seconds until they reach down to buyerMinStockPercentage% capacity.

    Selling your products to a buyer results in profit while selling it to a factory just gives a refund.

    Products & Vehicles

    You can load products to certain vehicles because no one wants to walk 3.5 km just to sell one product. These vehicles are supported by default:

    • Burrito3 (6 product)
    • Rumpo (6 product)
    • Speedo (4 product)
    • Youga (4 product)

    To interact with a supported model, just press E when you're behind them.

    Settings (meta.xml)

    Name Description Default Value
    saveInterval Seconds that need to pass between two save operations. (will always save on script exit) 120
    worldPropLife Minutes a dropped product/box has before getting removed. 10
    factoryProductInterval Seconds that need to pass before an empty factory makes 1 product. 180
    factoryMaxAutoStock Amount of stock a factory needs to stop auto-generating product. 10
    buyerSaleInterval Seconds that need to pass before a full buyer sells 1 product. 180
    buyerMinStockPercentage Percentage of stock a buyer needs to stop auto-selling product. 50

    Adding a Product

    Here's how you can add more products:

    • Add it to Enums.cs
    • Add it to the Products dictionary in ProductDefinitions.cs
    • Add it's player attachment offsets to Offsets.cs
    • Rebuild

    Adding a Vehicle Model

    Here's how you can allow a vehicle model to be used in transporting:

    • Make sure the model you want to add has the platelight bone. (used for detection)
    • Add vehicle hash and attachment offsets to VehicleAttachmentOffsets.cs
    • Add vehicle hash(int) to courierVehicles array in Courier.js
    • Rebuild

    Commands & Controls

    Command Description
    /cfactory admin Creates a factory on your position.
    /setfactorystock admin Sets the stock of the factory you're standing in the ColShape of.
    /rfactory admin Removes the factory you're standing in the ColShape of.
    /cbuyer admin Creates a buyer on your position.
    /setbuyerstock admin Sets the stock of the buyer you're standing in the ColShape of.
    /setbuyermaxstock admin Sets the max. stock of the buyer you're standing in the ColShape of.
    /rbuyer admin Removes the buyer you're standing in the ColShape of.
    E Key Main interaction key, used for accessing vehicle, factory & buyer menu and picking up product on the ground.
    X Key Drop product key. Allows you to drop the product you're carrying, be aware of sneaky players though since they can take it!


    • This script needs MoneyAPI to work properly.
    • Source code can be found in the Courier folder inside the archive.
    • Commands marked with the admin label use GetPlayerAclGroup. If you're not using ACL, consider editing the script/commands to work with your admin script.
    • This script doesn't handle vehicles being removed by API.deleteEntity or vehicle.delete(). Which means if you remove a vehicle that has product loaded inside, box props won't be removed.
  • Why couldn't you make two versions?

    1. Dll (like now not changeable for those who don't have Visual Studio software)

    2. C# for those who want to change some parameters and not to be fed up with compiling it to dll.

    It would be great, really.


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