Searching for people to start a new project / Or existing communities

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    Since the community I were planning on joining, decided to close today, I’ve decided to try to find people or communities who want to start a new project or just started a project. My focus area is definitely the scripts/systems/programs, it needs to be a architectural and mind blowing system. That follow all the rules that you usually don't follow. It gotta be bleeding edge where it's possible.

    So, if you are a newly started community send me a message and we can speak, however here are my plans for now.

    Management of the server

    · We split the bills for servers, software and what else must be paid for

    · We find rules and guidelines between ourselves so if we disagree on something there is a set of rules to make us find the right decision

    · You’ve experience in leadership or administrating

    · You are friendly towards others and do not have to show that you are in-charge

    · It’s very important that if we going to work together for years that we can sit down and have a game from time to time. So, the social aspect is just as important as the rest

    We will not be accepting too many managers, as we want to be able to take fast decisions, and not depend on too many leaders to approve everything.

    Development of Server and website

    I don’t just want to develop another role-play server. It needs to be entertaining and unique, it needs to be what the players wants, but at the same time be heading in the direction of something new and unique. But the most important part is the actual script. I want developers to feel challenged and learn, including myself.

    So here are some focus areas

    · Newest technologies, even bleeding edge in some cases

    · Clean and good architecture

    · Clean code, that is being kept at high standards.

    · Database that follow the rules and possibly stays at 3nf or close to it

    · High priority on security

    · Performance focused development (So no Entity framework)

    · Git Source Control

    · Automated build

    · Unit Test to cover all the code we can cover

    · Scripts/Intelligent solution that can handle most of the work automatically.

    It is important to note that we are not expecting you to be a professional developer, but someone who is willing to learn and listen. If you are new and know basics of developing, we will gladly help you and review your code until you learn to handle stuff yourself.

    Currently on this project we are 2 developers who are educated and working full time dev jobs. We possibly have 2 of our friends coming aboard where one is studying computer science and the other is studying UI/UX. So, if we can manage to get them aboard we are already a group of people who can do most developing without further help.


    We also need people help us create documentation, keep updating people and make sure people follow our rules.

    · Creating/updating our roadmap

    · Keep community informed with newest details

    · Ensure people follow rules

    · Give feedback on our ideas

    · Get feedback from the community

    · Gather suggestions and ideas from the community

    · Create graphic for our website, forums and so on.

    And much more. So, can you help us with one or more of those above steps, feel free to message us and if the right chemistry is there, maybe we can create this kickass community. Basically, we want no secrets between the staff and community, if we are falling behind or our scripts have failed, the community needs to know. I’ve been with communities that keep way too many secrets and doesn’t work towards a solution.

    However, I still got work for a few days on my paid developing thread ([Looking for work] Developer looking for work). I am probably done with all the tasks around 23 March. But we will slowly start looking into stuff until that date, where we will go all in.

    send me a message on the forums or Discord - HitzSPB#7947


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