GetPlayerWeaponAmmo Not returning ammo for a weapon

  • So, if you want to get ammo for a weapon (that you have in inventory) and have 2 weapons from same category (e.g. 2 heavy weapon) and one have 20 rockets(rpg), and one 1000 bullets (minigun), will return bullets from first weapon.

    Try to see:


    public void CMD_MyWeapons(Client player)


    API.sendChatMessageToPlayer(player, "Your weapons:");

    WeaponHash[] player_weapons = API.getPlayerWeapons(player);

    foreach (WeaponHash weapon in player_weapons)


    API.sendChatMessageToPlayer(player, "-> " + weapon + " " + API.getPlayerWeaponAmmo(player, weapon).ToString());



    you need to have one minigun and one rpg.