When will it be possible to put modified cars?

  • Hello, I would like to know when it will be possible to put modified cars on the server, since the fivem already has it for some time, I know that api is different but will the GT-MP also get it.

    I'm really waiting for that day. :)

  • I'm guessing that you are talking about connecting to a server, downloading mods and then having those mods present in the game because it is possible to have modified cars on a GT-MP server but those have to be downloaded and applied when the game isn't running.

    That whole thing of downloading a mod when connecting to a server like FiveM does it is not that easy to implement in GT-MP because it was never meant to use such features.

    What you need to know is that we don't give any ETAs on updates nor on specific features, we only have a priority list and this one is not on top of it.

    We are considering to do something similar but we don't know when it will be implemented because currently there is a long list of things that are really important, such as stability, performance and improving the sync.

    Just be patient and enjoy the mod as we are all doing this in our freetime for fun :)