Logo Link

  • This is just a little (yes, maybe even pointless) suggestion.

    It's normal to click the logo of the website you are on for it to take you back to the homepage, and if you are on a forum it should just take you to the forum main page. It would be nice if you guys could set it so that if you are on /forum/ then if you click the logo it just takes you to the forum homepage rather than the main homepage.

    Please help my laziness. Please don't make me click twice to get to the forum because I never remember to just click 'Forum'. It's cruel.

  • +1 its annoying. If you're on the forum you dont need to see the landing page.

    Unless you are new, you don't need to see the landing page at all haha. Would have been different if important announcements were there but then again we have discord and a forum dedicated for it. What I'm trying to say is that it's very useless for reoccurring users, only good for newcommers.