GT-MP Server & Client Patch - v0.1.638.634

  • Server & Client Patch


    We worked hard the last months, to get this finally done. I really can't say more than just thanks to everybody that helped us.
    A huge and special thanks to root which is a new developer working with me on GT-MP and to Neta & Hardy for the long nights we had while testing & developing this update.
    For the future we are going to aim for smaller updates, which won't take as long as this one.

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    Like always, please be sure to report all the bugs and weird things you encounter to our Bug Tracker.



    • Synced vehicle lights
    • Synced vehicle high beam lights
    • Synced vehicle rocket boosts
    • Synced vehicle truck trailers
    • Synced vehicle oil & fuel displays
    • Synced vehicle dirt level
    • Synced vehicle convertible rooftops
    • Synced air vehicle landing gears
    • Synced Smugglers Run DLC vehicle mounted guns
    • Synced Gunrunning DLC vehicle mounted guns
    • Synced the characters head ( look at ) movement
    • Synced vehicle entering properly, to be smooth and cool now
    • Synced vehicle exiting smoothly
    • Synced melee combat ground attacks on vehicles
    • Synced all traffic lights
    • Synced vehicle siren state, even when out of streaming range
    • Synced vehicle siren blips ( sounds )
    • Synced aiming from cover
    • Synced vehicle front light damage
    • Perfectly synced vehicle engine sounds
    • Added sync for aimed cover shooting
    • Added sync for walking in high & low cover
    • Added vehicle entering positions & seats for all vehicles, buses and other multi passenger vehicles should work flawless now
    • Improved air vehicles sync
    • Increased streaming range of air vehicles
    • Improved the chat input by adding the possibility to move with the left & right keys + marking texts by using SHIFT
    • Added the possibility to scale the chat ( in the settings and )
    • Added various performance related settings ( new performance tab in the settings )
    • Introducing the new Featured servers list, on which we are going to promote amazing and unique servers
    • Added the possibilty to point with your finger using the "B" key ( can be disabled by servers using the client API )
    • The Grand Theft Multiplayer process ( window ) is now really called "Grand Theft Multiplayer"
    • Added "Loading Grand Theft Multiplayer..." indicator on the lower right corner, when loading the game with our mod injected
    • Added translations for the main menu and various other messages ( in the settings ), currently supported are: de, en, pt, ru, tr
    • Cleaned the server connection & download screen to look fresh. Oh and we also added a brand.
    • Added the possibility to directly join servers using our launcher ( right click > Join server )
    • Added private dimensions range, everything below dimension 0 is now private ( more informations in our wiki )
    • Enabled CEF "experimental-web-platform-features" for newer CSS features
    • Added setting to hide chat if not used
    • CTRL + C will now copy your chat input
    • Added proper ragdolls sync
    • Added peds & animals getting up sync after beeing a ragdoll
    • Updated chromium embedded framework to version 3.3071.1649.g98725e6
    • Added licensing informations for all dependencies we have ( located in your GT-MP\licenses folder )
    • Redesigned our launcher to link our web platforms & look a bit more attractive
    • A lot of improvements were made to the shooting / wepaon sync ( you can now finally hit people with a bit of luck )
    • Added all new map blips from the smugglers run & gunrunning DLC
    • Added synced parachuting
    • Improved game startup time
    • Added experimental partial mod support
    • Added more than 300 new Scripting API methods, check out our wiki for all of those

    Make sure to also check out our list of deprecated API methods, over at our wiki.


    • Fixed jittery braking lights
    • Fixed performance issues on AMD ryzen processors
    • Fixed bug causing players to desync in first person
    • Fixed mods not beeing correctly moved into the disabled folder on startup
    • Fixed some of the many randomly happening game crashes ( this will be a long journey )
    • Fixed CEF browser elements flickering
    • Fixed entering various vehicles using G not possible
    • Fixed some car roofs beeing pixelated ( servers need to properly set the liveries of those now )
    • Fixed beeing able to enter locked vehicles
    • Fixed pressing "P" opening main menu when typing in input boxes
    • Fixed need of double ESC'ing when closing menus
    • Fixed HTTPServer server option for downloading
    • Fixed map blips heavy flickering
    • Fixed streamer issues causing some desyncs
    • Fixed various security issues on player connection verification ( we also introduced some new server settings with this, more info in the wiki )
    • Fixed various server problems causing buffer full errors
    • Fixed several server threading issues, sometimes causing server crashes
    • Fixed several server memory issues, taking too much memory
    • Fixed a lot of special characters not working in the chat
    • Fixed CTRL+C on unix systems
    • Fixed various problems on users disconnecting / blocking
    • Fixed various weapon ammo related issues
    • Fixed various issues that could deadlock the server

    And more than 100 other fixes

    Known Issues

    • Vehicle Middle Finger not synced ( bugged )
    • Entering of some vehicles is not properly synced yet ( teleports you instead )

    Client Hotfix 1 (v0.1.639.21)

    • Fixed setPlayerFacialIdleAnimOverride API on client side
    • Fixed connection timeout issue
    • Disabled Social Club launcher closed feature for steam versions

    Server & Client Hotfix 2 (v0.1.640.64)

    • Fixed setPlayerFacialIdleAnimOverride() API on client side
    • Fixed problem with backuping not existing cloud save data
    • Fixed possible timeout problem on server side
    • Fixed possible melee exception related to animals
    • Fixed passanger seat for akuma bike
    • Switching keyboard layout on startup now
    • Fixed manual selection of GTA5.exe (invalid path issue)
    • Fixed entitySeetrough parameter for 3d textlabels
    • Fixed blackscreen when connecting to server
    • Completly rewrote HTTP Server
    • Fixed vehicles "floating" desync bug & trailers position sync
    • Added isMainMenuOpen() API on client side
    • Removed 'P' as key to open main menu (still opens GTA Menu when not on server)
    • Fixed weird vehicle desyncs with high speed vehicles
    • Fixed vehicle tuning streaming issues
    • Disabled some debug logging when disabled in settings
    • Fixed UpdateAttachments exceptions on client side
    • Some OnFoot sync improvements

    Client Hotfix 3 (v0.1.641.697)

    • Fixed some savegame issue & extracts savegame files from assembly now
    • Fixed private dimensions (thx TiaqoY0 )
    • Fixed vehicle entering for Trash, Trash2, Youga2 & Hunter
    • Fixed loading blackscreen issue (hopefully now for real)
    • Added getCultureISOLanguageName() API on client side
    • Fixed cabrio rooftop streaming issues
    • Implemented a brazilian key not recognized by windows
    • Fixed unwanted layout switch
    • Fixed chat delay
    • Updated chinese translations


    Make sure to restart your launcher and your client for the updates to apply!
    Server owners & developers will have to download & replace the server with our latest package from below.

    Get the latest Server binaries from our downloads page:
    Get the latest Client Setup from our downloads page:
    Get the latest Scripting API from the NuGet Gallery:
    Get the latest Typescript Definitions from the NuGet Gallery:…ftmultiplayer.typescript/

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