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    Our community prides itself on taking a new approach to creating a community; we're moving away from the 'norm' or the way that SA:MP was created - many servers popping up on the GTA:V platform are failing to do this but we realise that it's time for positive change and innovation. We are putting a great focus into the quality of our community, that being the staff team and the script itself - and we're very keen to take feedback from our community help guide us with how we move forward. Currently we are in development, with no set date for opening - our intention is to open once we are happy with the quality and level of content we can provide to ensure that you aren't disappointed. Our script is being created from scratch and is not an edit of any other scripts; neither does it use snippets of code taken from elsewhere.

    We're creating a heavy roleplay environment which will allow our community to immerse themselves with as little disruption as possible; by implementing a clear set of rules that can't be misinterpreted, and by having a professional, mature and neutral administration team with clear guidance. Our server will be primarily based in Los Santos, however we have the intention of making use of various countryside locations to ensure that we cater for all types of roleplay and the demands of our community.

    We welcome anyone to our server; those with no roleplay skills are welcome, however we would expect you to show willing to develop your skills and the ability to follow our rules as we do enforce strict roleplay standards. We also ask that those joining our community have the ability to communicate in English to a level in which can be understood by others, with a suitable level of grammar.

    Please check out this link to find out more information about our community and our development plans.



    Our staff team is split into four teams currently, all with clear-cut responsibilities and tasks to ensure the success of our community. All of our staff are expecting to act in an impartial manner during disputes and to be friendly and approachable at all times.

    You can find out more about our current staff team and responsibilities, through this link.

    Our teams are currently are as follows:


    Overall responsibility for the future of our community and the direction it takes, dealing with staff disputes, ensuring community interaction is always at the forefront of our daily business. Our management team consists of three people currently, Bweff, Jeron & Tyler who hold 15+ years in experience between them on SAMP roleplay.


    The core of our staff here at Vanguard. Responsible for settling disputes, enforcing community rules, upholding roleplay standards and dealing with administrative tasks.

    Support Team

    Responsibilities include forum moderation, answering queries, helping new players and helping teach the basics of roleplay to newer players.


    Responsible for the progression of our script, player control panel, forums. Our developers will always be working hard to ensure new features are always being added.



    Want to get involved? Well, you can - you can simply join up on our forums and join us in discord and watch us progress, otherwise we are looking for certain people to take on further responsibilities. We're interested in giving people the chance to take on staff roles for those who show some commitment to our cause and an interest in helping to develop the server. We're also looking for players, or groups of players to create and lead factions, both legal and illegal currently.

    Staff Opportunities | Faction Opportunities

    Want to know more? Join us on our forums or on Discord, links via the images below!

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    Development is well underway at this time, and we're soon to be opening our public Police forum area - we'll be accepting letters of interest for those with an interest in joining from the start or those with previous experience. Make sure you sign up on our forums and join our discord to keep up to date!

    We're also still interest in finding people to create and lead factions within our community, check out this thread for more!

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    New Developer Joins the Team

    Although things have been quiet on here for a little while, we're still making headway and progressing on our script. We've also recently expanded our development team, without further ado, we'd like to formally announce and welcome our latest developer, Jekk, to our development team. Jekk is very experienced in this field of work and will make a great addition to the team, and the quality of our script.

    If you still haven't checked us out, pop on over to our forum and sign up, or pop by our discord and say hello! |

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    NEW YEAR 2018 - UPDATE

    It's incredibly hard to believe that it's 2018 already! What a great year we've had here at Vanguard with plenty of development and positive progress throughout 2017. This past year has been a year of hard work for our community; and our management team cannot thank the staff for their hard work and also the loyalty and support of our community members such as yourself.

    Although things have been quiet lately, we've been very busy and Vanguard hopes that we will continue to move even closer to our goal of opening the server for you to enjoy and to meet friends both new and old in the wonderful world of Grand Theft Auto V. Ultimately, we have focused on a beta weekend / soft-launch at the end of 2017, nevertheless, and regrettably, quality takes time, but there has been no shortage of effort among the development team and individual features that we have been working on.

    We're aiming for a beta weekend no later than April. Want to read more? Check out our forums on the link below!