ScriptHook V Critical Error
Oh no? What's going on with my game?

Well GTA 5 had an update and that means you need either downgrade your game via our launcher, or you have to wait until ScriptHook has been updated by Alexander Blade.
Usually he needs up to 7 days until the ScriptHook update will be available for everyone.

So please be patient.

Due to the huge amount of spammers in the last days we deactivated the email activation. That means you can't activate your account on your own anymore. We the Manager team will approve every registration on our own for now.

Please don't contact us and ask to get activated we will activate all new registrations between 6 and 9pm GMT +2 daily. If you have something important come on our discord ->

Also please use a valid email adress. We will ban your account if it has a trashmail or invalid email provider.