GT-MP Client console 1.1.0

License Agreement
MIT License
Min. required GT-MP Version

This resource adds a console ingame for the client.

GT-MP Client console

This resource adds a console ingame for the client.



  • The console is complete done without CEF.
  • Loads all commands from the running resources.
  • Autocomplete function for commands.
  • Own OnChatCommand event.
  • Own API and extensions to send messages to a players console.
  • Adds the possibility to see the server console output ingame.
  • Checks if the parameters of a command have the right type.
  • Supports CustomUsage, GreedyArg, Optional arguments.
  • Outputs a warning if a command is used more than once.


  • Supports custom acl error message set with API.setAclErrorMessage.
  • Supports custom command error message set with API.setCommandErrorMessage.


Csharp (GT-MP)
  1. // You can add a player to this list and he will be able to see the server console output in his client console.
  2. ConAPI.ServerConsoleReciver.Add(player);


Key Description
F6 Open / Close the console
PageUp / PageDown
Previous / next page
Arrow keys left / right
Move cursor position
Arrow keys up / down
Command history
Delete Delete char in front of the cursor
Back Delete char behind the cursor
Enter Execute command
Tab Autocomplete
End Set the cursor to the end

Internal commands

Command Description
-help Print all available commands
-help [command?]
Print infos about the given command.
-clear Clears the console.
-exit Exit the console


  • Version 1.1.0


  • Version 1.0.5


    • Spelling error fixed.
    • Remove old functions and comments on client side.
    • Mixed tab and spaces in all files fixed.
    • Added support for custom acl and command error message.
  • Version 1.0.0

  • You sir, are a god, thank you so much for this.