Slasher 1.1.0

License Agreement
Creative Commons <by>
Min. required GT-MP Version

An attempt to recreate GTA Online's slasher adversary mode.

I recommend you to read GTA Online's slasher adversary mode.

IMPORTANT: I will not provide any support for this, you're on your own with any issues you encounter.


Every round, one of the players will be the slasher and the rest will be hunted.

Goal as the slasher is killing all hunted players within the timespan. (6 minutes, played in two stages)

As the slasher, you'll receive a Pump Shotgun with the flashlight mod and a Machete when the round starts.

As hunted, you'll spawn with a Flashlight only. Your goal is hiding from the slasher and surviving until the first half of the round ends.

After the first half ends, every hunted player will receive a Pump Shotgun with the flashlight mod and the goal becomes killing the slasher.

If a hunted player manages to kill the slasher, they will become the next slasher.

If the slasher manages to kill all hunted players, they will stay as the slasher.

If neither of the things above happens, the slasher will be picked randomly.

Blackout mode is also enabled when a round begins which means you'll have to use your flashlight or minimap to move around.


  • Randomized freemode character to make everyone look different.
  • Outfits from the original slasher gamemode.
  • A basic map system with different maps, including most of the original slasher maps.
  • A camera system that allows late joiners and dead players to watch the game arena. Camera controls are left/right arrows for switching and N key for night vision.
  • A voting system that allows people to vote for the map and first person lock on the next round.


  • Bank, takes place in Pacific Standard Bank.
  • FIB, takes place in 49th floor of FIB Headquarters.
  • Hospital, takes place in Pillbox Hill Medical Center.
  • Humane Labs, takes place in The Humane Labs and Research facility.
  • Morgue, takes place in Los Santos County Coroner Office.
  • Slaughterhouse, takes place in Raven Slaughterhouse.

Known Issues

  • Flashlight sync doesn't seem to work inside interiors.
  • Melee weapon hitreg doesn't seem to work.
  • Players might stay on the old map when they get revived after a map change, respawning on round start seems to fix it though.