Notes 1.1.0

License Agreement
Creative Commons <by>
Min. required GT-MP Version

Allows you to leave notes. This is a resource for 0.1.7 which means you can't use it unless you're a tester.

Allows players to leave notes.

Settings (meta.xml)

Name Description Default Value
notesPerPlayer Amount of notes a player can write. (Write 0 to disable) 5
removeOnRead Remove notes when someone reads them. false
displayWriter Show who wrote a note when reading it. false
noteLifeTime Minutes before a note is removed. 15

Commands & Controls

Name Description
/writenote Shows the text box to write a note.
/noteinfo (admin) Shows info about the specified note. (Writer name, writer social club ID & creation time)
/removenote (admin) Removes the specified note.
E Key Read/stop reading a note.


  • Commands marked with the red admin label need you to have Admin group on ACL.
  • You can increase the character limit (default: 100) of the text box from line 23 of Notes.js. You should know that there is currently (version 0.1.6) a bug that prevents you from displaying 95+ characters on scaleforms which will be fixed in the next version (version 0.1.7).