Mugshot Board 1.1.0

License Agreement
Creative Commons <by>
Min. required GT-MP Version

Allows you to hold a mugshot board with some text on it by pressing M. This is a resource for 0.1.7 which means you can't use it unless you're a tester.


Makes the local player hold a mugshot board just like in GTA Online's character creation/selection. Press M to toggle mugshot mode.

Mugshot mode won't be synced to other players since this is just a script for demonstrating 0.1.7's RenderTarget API.

Change these variables to change what's shown on the board:

  1. var numberMin = 10000;
  2. var numberMax = 1000000;
  3. var numberLength = 8;
  4. var topText = "Top Text";
  5. var bottomText = "Bottom Text";
  6. var rank = -1; // -1 will hide the rank, enter a number like 17 if you want to display it