Weapon Dropping 1.1.0

License Agreement
Creative Commons <by>
Min. required GT-MP Version

Adds weapon dropping to your server. This is a resource for 0.1.7 which means you can't use it unless you're a tester.

Adds the ability to drop weapons on the ground.

Settings (meta.xml)

Name Description Default Value
dropsPerPlayer Amount of weapons a player can drop. (0 to disable) 5
weaponLifeTime Minutes before a dropped weapon is removed. 10


Control Description
INPUT_DROP_WEAPON (F9 by default)
Drops the weapon your character is holding.
INPUT_DROP_AMMO (F10 by default) Takes a weapon from the ground. You'll be notified when you're able to take a weapon.


  • Weapon name on the helptext/notification will be localized because of getWeaponName returning a game string on serverside.
  • You can't interact with a weapon right after it drops if you're in pickup range, you'll need to walk away a bit and come back.
  • You can prevent certain weapons from being dropped by adding them to the WeaponBlacklist list inside Main.cs file.
  • The script should cover all weapons when I'm releasing this (aka weapons up to Doomsday Heist DLC) but you'll need to add future weapons to the WeaponModels dictionary inside Main.cs file.