Helicopter Rappelling 1.1.0

License Agreement
Creative Commons <by>
Min. required GT-MP Version

Allows you to rappel from certain helicopters.

Allows players to rappel from certain helicopters. (Annihilator, Maverick, Emergency/Police Maverick)


Control Description
X Key Rappel (certain conditions need to be met)

Only works if:
- Player is in a supported helicopter
- Player's seat ID is higher than 1
- Helicopter is slow enough
- Player isn't already rappelling
- Helicopter isn't too low or too high
- Helicopter is stabilized
- Helicopter isn't upside down


  • Things can go wrong and rappelling players might fall off/get stuck in the helicopter's blades if you don't have a good pilot/have sync issues.
  • This script wasn't tested with multiple players rappelling from the same helicopter. If it causes problems, you can add a check that uses _ANY_PASSENGERS_RAPPELING native.
  • You can add other models to the rappelVehicles array but if those models don't support rappelling, players will just get thrown out of the vehicle.