Hey you!
Here is something we over at GT-MP want you to know.
GT-MP is a project run by people in their spare time. We give our best to develop this mod further day by day, to improve the users experience.
This is something we do besides our full time jobs on evenings and weekends. GT-MP is available for free and will be available for free, as long as we are able to maintain this.
We have monthly costs which we have to pay to keep this project alive, this is something we really do not want to pay additionally to the spare time we invest in this project.

If you feel like supporting us, do it by donating any amount of your choice.

Grand Theft Multiplayer - Launcher
file size: 78.623 KB, file name: GT-MP-Client-Setup.exe, date: 30/09/2017 23:49:57
SHA1 sum: fc52d4e6cefa17009fdc8e704604bf1910c463a7

Grand Theft Multiplayer - Server
file size: 3.302 KB, file name:, date: 02/10/2017 04:16:40
MD5 sum: 04E98EB968B78CAEBA16BDADB095E7C3